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Willemstad , Curacao – Last 27th  & 28th  of March, BPM held their first workshop about efficient use of existing buildings: Take the LEED in your building!

Bedrijvenplatform Milieu (BPM) , also known as Curacao Business Council for Sustainable Development, is an nonprofit association with its main focus on sustainable development on the business environment.  Each year BPM organizes a series of events focused on sustainable development.

This year BPM organized its first 2-days workshop about efficient use of existing buildings. The aim of the workshop was to teach companies how to maximize the efficiency of their operations while minimizing the impact on the environment.

The 2-days workshop was guided by the well-known architect Luis Huertas from the Jackson Architecture & Consultancy Firm, Aruba.

Several representatives were sent from Aqualectra, Artutrust, Curacao Airport Holding,  Curacao Airport Partners, Curacao Ports Authority, EcoVision, Fundashon Kas Popular, GreenForce, and Santa Barbara Resort, to learn how to efficiently make use of their buildings.

During the first day of the workshop, Mr. Huertas gave an introduction to LEED,  and the 9 participant companies got the chance to benchmark their existing building on energy and water efficiency using the Portfolio Manager of Energy-Star. It is worthy to mention that A number of participating companies will stay connected through Portfolio Manager to monitor their progress over the months to support each other. Additionally the participating companies got to work on an action plan for future improvements of their buildings.

Throughout the second day of the workshop there were presentations by Timo Brouwer & Chris van Grieken about green building initiatives.

Furthermore the participants got the chance to set up an action plan and discuss their initiatives towards energy efficient buildings.

At the end of the workshop, each participant was given an certificate as a token of their participation in the workshop.

The reactions from the participants were highly positive. One participant’s overall impression was that the workshop was:
“Highly informative, educational, inspiring and that it was a thought -provoking workshop”

Another participant said it was:
Impressive; all the savings which are out there’

The organization looks back on a successful event.

For further information about BPM or questions related to the workshop feel free to contact us at:

Click here to download the presentation by Luis Huertas (Jackson Architecture & Consultancy Firm, Aruba)
Click here to download the presentation by Timo Brouwer (Green Force, Curaçao).

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