Minimum Sustainability Standards Workshop August 19, 2015

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BPM is proud to announce that our very first mandatory Minimum Sustainability Standards for BPM members have been finalized!
As such, we invite everyone to attend the “Call to Action” workshop.

  • August 19, 2015, 7:45 – 12:00 
  • Selikor Auditorium, Parera
  • ADMISSION: ANG 35.00 per person

Considering the serious sustainability challenges humanity and the rest of the species on our planet face in the near future, BPM decided to develop minimum standards to assist companies and organization in becoming more sustainable (the standards are mandatory for our members). The minimum standards are another further step so that CEOs can continue to focus on creating real change towards sustainability in their own organizations and to join the 80% of CEOs worldwide that know that sustainability is important for the growth, innovation and competitive advantage of their business.

BPM is always ready and willing to companies achieve their sustainability goals and that’s why we organized the “Call to Action” workshop. The goal of the workshop is to assist companies/organizations in understanding, implementing and achieving the minimum standards. During the workshop you will also meet other companies who can assist you in achieving your sustainability goals by providing advice and support. Your company/organization is not alone on its sustainability journey.


The workshop agenda is attached. Please RSVP by sending an e-mail to
For additional information regarding the workshop, please do not hesitate to contact BPM’s coordinator, Mr. Tim Martina

BPM Minimum Sustainability Standards uitnodiging digitaal

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