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Conducting an RI&E, Putting together and implementing an emergency plan, Executing PAGO and ‘indienst treden keuringen’, Conducting accident investigations, Life after having an accident on the job… What do these creeds have in common? Why are they considered so important when determining the safety level in companies worldwide? Do they even have added value for companies in Curaçao?

BPM knows they do! And that’s why we are organizing a safety seminar in which all five themes will be presented. Taking into account that these themes also intrigue companies that aren’t member of our platform we decided to open the seminar for all who are interested. So, don’t miss this opportunity and save the date.

During this seminar we will have RI&E methods explained by Mr. Mark Plattel from BPO Caribbean and instruction given on the execution and implementation of it. Also the details to be considered when writing an emergency plan and the implementation there of will be presented by mr. Fred Stam from Caribbean Floor Safety Innovations. Occupational Health Physician, Mr. M van der Huls and Arbo specialist, Mr. A. Nivilac will speak about the Arbo and safety on the workplace and ‘periodieke medische keuringen’ What are they and what is their added value. Last but not least mr. H. van Blarcum, lawyer, will elaborate on workplace accidents and law suits. What are the rights and obligations of employee and employer.

BPM is also hosting three special guests for the last part of the evening. These guests are experience experts who will speak of their experience of having an accident on the job and life after the accident.

It is our vision that by the end of the seminar much valuable knowledge is gained, experiences are shared, sustainable relationships are created and a commitment is made in order to reach a safer working community in Curaçao.

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07.30 – 08.00   Register
08.00 – 09.00  Mr. M. Plattel: Risc Assesment & Evaluation
09.15 – 10.15     Mr. M. van der Huls & Mr. Arthur Nivilac: Workplace health inspections
10.15 – 10.45     Break
10.45 – 11.45     Mr. F. Stam: Be prepared for emergencies
12.00 – 13.00   Lunch
13.30 – 14.30    Mr. H. van Blarcum: Workplace accidents and law suits
14:30 – 14:45   Break
14.45 – 16.00    Life after an accident on the job

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