About BPM

Bedrijvenplatform Milieu (BPM), internationally known as the Curacao Business Council for Sustainable Development, was founded in November 2007 as a non-profit association for businesses, with its main focus being sustainable development and exchanging knowledge and experience in the areas of Environment, Quality and Occupational Health and Safety management (EQOHS).

BPM’s mission is to promote and supports the use of EQOHS management systems within companies and organizations in the commercial and service industries, for the benefit of its members and for sustainable economic growth on Curaçao.
BPM realizes this by:

  • Communicating and disseminating information with respect to opportunities in the field and offering networking and partnership opportunities.
  • Promoting and creating initiatives that foster sustainable development.
  • Creating a database of EQOHS issues and solutions.
  • Creating added value for businesses.
  • Stimulating businesses to implement EQOHS management systems.
  • Supporting EQOHS initiatives that benefit the (business) community.
  • Creating partnerships with local and international organizations.
  • Defining sustainable development as development that caters (supplies) for the basic needs of the present without comprising future generations to meet theirs.

Furthermore, the organization strive to reach an excellent and sustainable living and working environments on the island of Curaçao, continuously supporting an enrichment of the consciousness of the community with respect to the need to care and be concerned with living and working environments.

BPM has adopted Core Values which its members should also adhere to. These are:

  • Commitment and passion to sustainable development
  • Objectivity, integrity, transparency and professionalism
  • Equality and mutual respect
  • Trustworthiness
  • Serving to and acting in the interests of its members and the public
  • Collaborating, cooperating and sharing sustainability and EQOHS values
  • Inspiring and progressing


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