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Welcome to Business Platform for Sustainability BPS

BPS exists: to help your business/organization to become more sustainable.

Becoming more sustainable on a corporate level and creating awareness in Curaçao starts with communicating the benefits of sustainability: continuity of existence, reduced costs, community goodwill, employee engagement, innovation and preserving our environment are just a few of the important advantages of sustainability.

What have BPM and our members achieved so far?

When BPM (BedrijvenPlatform Milieu), also known as the Curaçao Business Council for Sustainable Development, was founded in November 2007, we first focused on making the local Curacao business community more aware of what sustainability is, especially as it relates to business. As such, our initial activities mostly included organizing informational workshops, seminar and presentations to raise awareness on the different aspects of sustainability (such as reducing energy use, recycling, quality, occupational health & safety, etc.)

BPM feels that the sustainability message is being effectively passed on to our members and that they are increasingly becoming more aware of how sustainability should be a part of their business/organization, but more often than not, this awareness has not been translated into concrete actions.

Minimum Sustainability Standards

BPM decided that now is the time to shift our focus from awareness/education to stimulating sustainability actions among our members. We feel the best way to encourage our members to actually become more sustainable is to implement required minimum sustainability standards.

BPM is proud to announce that the Minimum Sustainability Standards (version 1.0) for BPM members has been finalized! This is the first time we are implementing these standards and this is the first version. The minimum standards are another further step so that our members can continue to focus on creating real change towards sustainability in their own organizations. Once a member achieves one of the sustainability levels, BPM will put them in the spotlight and showcase their achievement extensively in the local media, BPM’s website, newsletter, etc. Check our website for more information on the standards.

We’re here for you

BPM is always ready and willing to help our members achieve their sustainability goals by organizing workshops for our members to assist them in understanding, implementing and achieving the minimum standards, by putting them in contact with other members who can assist them and by providing advice and support. Your company/organization is never alone, especially since we’re allied with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and all members have full access to the incredible resources of this international organization.

Join us!

Via this website we hope to reach as many businesses and people as possible to convey our message. We’re glad you’re visiting our website, receiving our sustainability message. And if our message also inspires you to become a part of BPM, do not hesitate to contact us, to join us and to start your company/organization down the path to your sustainable future.


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