BPM’s Sustainability Seminar – JANUARY 2014, 30

BPM’s Sustainability Seminar – JANUARY 2014, 30

Sustainability: What’s it all about?
BPM would like to invite you to its first seminar of 2014 on the concept of sustainability and what it means for the local business community. The topics that will be discussed include:

What is sustainability really? – ADC
New trends in sustainability – EcoVision
Occupational health & safety: the basis for sustainability – BPO
Recycling at work & home – Green Force
Why sustainability now? – Selikor
Participants of the seminar will learn about how different aspects of sustainability can be incorporated into their own business and gain hands-on information that will help to make their business more sustainable.

The seminar will take place on January 30, 2014 from 8:00-12:00 at Selikor, Parera. The fee is 50 Nafl per person which also includes a snack and drinks.

To register please send an email to info@bpmcuracao.com.

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