Electric Vehicle Seminar: Save the Date – MAY 2019, 15

Electric Vehicle Seminar: Save the Date – MAY 2019, 15

The Curaçao Business Council for Sustainable Development (BedrijvenPlatform Milieu – BPM) and Aqualectra have joined together in a working group to organize a seminar on Electric Vehicles (EVs).

In fact, this seminar is a follow-up to a BPM seminar held in 2012 which actually sparked the introduction of EVs in Curaçao. The main catalyzer in 2012 was a new exemption from import duties for EVs (i.e. 0 % duties), proposed by BPM and then actually accepted and implemented by the Curaçao Government.

Now, 7 years later BPM and Aqualectra feel that the time has come to RECHARGE the use of EVs and to realize a substantial increase in people and businesses driving EVs, from approximately 30 now to 300 in just a few years. BPM and Aqualectra feel that this is possible, mainly because of the increasing availability of both high quality new and used EVs.

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Important topics that will be covered during the seminar are:

– Incentives that will spark the interest in EVs
– The electrical infrastructure and a new network of charging stations for EVs (by Aqualectra)
– Import of used EVs
– Leasing EVs
– Maintenance and repair of EVs
– The economics of purchasing and driving a new vs. used EV
– Experiences of actual EV owners/drivers in Curaçao
– Experiences from other islands (e.g. Aruba)
– Safety of EVs
– Electrical buses
– The founding of an association for EV users/owners

More information will follow promptly! Reserve your seat and subscribe to updates through bpmcuracao.com/ev
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