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Trokamata / plant exchange

October 26 @ 10:00 am 1:00 pm UTC+0

Join BPM at the Trokamata, plant exchange, Saturday October 26 at Landhuis Bloemhof!

Trokamata is a regular event by the Facebook groups ‘Tuinieren op Curaçao’ and ‘Bende, Kumpra y Show bo mata’.

All plants are welcome. It would be nice if we could exchange local plant, trees and flowers, for shade, food, bees, and to offset our carbon footprints.

Remember that planting trees is a requirement in BPM’s Minimum Sustainability Standards.

If you have no plants, you can exchange large plastic bottles (for planting) with some participants.

Follow what people are offering and looking for on the Trokamata Facebook event page

BPM and some members are donating some small palms, moringa, and some others. If you have, kindly consider donating. The excess goes to schools.

In this way, BPM does its Corporate Social Responsibility.

This is a collaborative effort. There will be a demonstration how to plant trees, some movies, a workshop on upcycling your plastic bottles to plant pots, and some events for the kids, organized by the participating groups. NB: Landhuis Bloemhof used to be a water plantation. There are open wells!

Landhuis Bloemhof is at: Santa Rosaweg 6.

BPM’s goal is to be a sustainability motivator.  And with our ‘plant exchange’ event we contribute in the planting of more vegetation.
The benefits of this action are:  trees hold the soil, provide shade, are valuable food for wildlife, absorb carbon dioxide and clean the air by breaking down various pollutants.  They can provide windbreaks which can lower cooling bills, and their leaf litter enriches the soil.

During the plant exchange we request you the visitor, to bring plants that are suitable for our local conditions. You can exchange your plant(s) for those brought by others.
You can also bring along containers which can be use as planters. Examples are: 2 liter drink packaging.

We will have the following plants: a variety of palm trees, Moringa, Papaya, Shimaruku, Kenepa, Parchita, granappel.
We curious at what you will bring.
There is a request of Sesame seed (Zjozjoli), as this plant is well adapt to the warm climate, drought and infertile ground.

The members of the following Facebook groups ‘Tuinieren op Curacao’, ‘Bende, kumpa i show bo mata’ whom have often participated or organized this kind of event: we look forward to having you.

As addition information from ‘Good News Network’ we share:                      
 “Around 0.9 billion hectares (2.2 billion acres) of land worldwide would be suitable for reforestation, which could ultimately capture two thirds of human-made carbon emissions.
The researchers calculated that under the current climate conditions, Earth’s land could support 4.4 billion hectares of continuous tree cover. That is 1.6 billion more than the currently existing 2.8 billion hectares. Of these 1.6 billion hectares, 0.9 billion hectares fulfill the criterion of not being used by humans. This means that there is currently an area of the size of the US available for tree restoration. Once mature, these new forests could store 205 billion tonnes of carbon: about two thirds of the 300 billion tonnes of carbon that has been released into the atmosphere as a result of human activity since the Industrial Revolution.”
Source: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/how-many-trees-to-plant-to-stop-climate-crisis/?fbclid=IwAR1lUm3I-tJbk65WPKNPjylrbjR9vpp9YI4V–Hc1d7kzn79JNCKo2Sd0SI

We invite you to be part of the reforestation action.