June 2021 MSS caterpillar certification Green Tree

Green Tree obtains the sustainability certification MSS from BPS, Business Platform for Sustainable development (previously known as BPM)

The environmental consultancy company Green Tree has obtained the local sustainability certification: “Caterpillar” level of the “Minimum Sustainability Standards” (MSS) of BPS.

The MSS certification is granted to companies when they meet a number of requirements such as defining and complying with a “Sustainability Policy”. The company must have insight into their waste flows and reuse or recycle as much of this flow as possible. The conscious structuring their company in an energy-conscious manner is also evaluated. BPS has defined 64 different “sustainability achievements” within the Minimum Sustainable Standard certification process.

MSS has three successive levels: “Caterpillar”, Cocoon” and “Butterfly”, whereby the “Caterpillar” level is achievable for all Curaçao companies. Thirteen companies are now MSS certified, eleven of which have been awarded the “Caterpillar” certification and two companies the “Cocoon” certification.

As a small company, Green Tree has complied outstandingly to the MSS Caterpillar requirements. Green Tree uses, among other things, its “grey” waste water (bathroom and washing machine) for irrigating plants and the lighting consists largely of LED lamps. Green Tree received a Moringa tree from BPM at an MSS workshop three years ago. This tree was planted by Green Tree and more importantly: well cared for, and has now grown into a tree of 4 meters high (see background photo). Plants are a good example of “CO2 capturing”.

In the photo, BPM Chairman Tamira La Cruz presents the MSS Caterpillar trophy of recycled material to Green Tree CEO Rajvee Mehta-Kroll.